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  • Otis Harley

    Otis Harley

  • Daniel Wordsworth

    Daniel Wordsworth

    CEO of World Vision Australia

  • Joss Sheldon

    Joss Sheldon

    Radical author of ‘DEMOCRACY: A User’s Guide’, ‘Individutopia’, ‘Money Power Love’, ‘The Little Voice’, ‘Occupied’ and ‘Involution & Evolution’.

  • Christina Fleuron

    Christina Fleuron

    Interested in #communities, #co-living, and new ways of living in cities. Explore more at www.cphvillage.com

  • Jimmi O'Toole

    Jimmi O'Toole

  • Benjamin Wells

    Benjamin Wells

  • Rodelon Ramos

    Rodelon Ramos

    Rodelon Ramos is a Filipino architect/urban practitioner. He likes to write about public interest design & social impact architecture.

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