The Architecture of AI

Archinect speaks to designers pushing forward the integration of self-learning systems into architecture to understand how the rise of artificial intelligence is shaping the profession.

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Breathing Wall II © Behnaz Farahi

“By already knowing everything about us, our hobbies, likes, dislikes, activities, friends, our yearly income, etc., AI software can calculate population growth, prioritize projects, categorize streets according to usage and so on, and thus predict a virtual future and automatically draft urban plans that best represent and suit everyone.” — Rron Beqiri on Future Architecture Platform(3).

“[Integrating AI systems into architectural design will enable architects to utilize] the computer as a true partner in solving hard design problems rather than a super-powerful 3D drafting board” — Michael Bergin

“The confluence of advances in both computation and fabrication technologies lets us create an architecture of hitherto unimaginable forms, with an unseen level of detail, producing entirely new spatial sensations.” — Michael Hansmeyer / Benjamin Dillenburger, Computational Architecture

“To think architecturally is to imagine and construct new worlds, integrate systems and organise information, which lends itself to the front line of technical development.”

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Architect and researcher based in Tanzania, East Africa. Follow for discussions on how global developments are shaping the built environment👇

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